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- MS in Computer Science, Columbia University
- Design and analyze data model, machine learning, experienced in MATLAB
- Visualization, user interface development, , experienced in Flex / ActionScript
- Vision, graphics, animation, experienced in C / C++


- Fluency in C, C++, Flex / ActionScript, Java, Visual Basic, MATLAB, HTML, XML
- Familiar with Python, Mathematica, OpenGL, C#, JavaScript, SQL, Photoshop, Dreamweaver
- Worked with R, SAS, LISP, Premiere, After Effects, Maya, 3ds Max, Illustrator

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Analysis of Algorithms, Columbia, Summer 2009
- Formulated algorithms about sorting, searching, dynamic programming, graph and NP-completeness

Machine Learning, Columbia, Spring 2009
- Developed algorithms about regression, SVM, PCA, EM and graphical models using MATLAB

Financial Technology, Columbia, Spring 2009
- Designed a pricing model for job risk insurance and create a simulation system using MATLAB with GUIDE in a team of 3
- Simulated and visualized parameterized monetary supply dynamics using Python with matplotlib

Nonlinear Physics, PKU, Spring 2006
- Mathematical formalization of flows, maps, periodic orbits and bifurcation theory

Multivariable Statistical Analysis, PKU, Fall 2005
- Analyzed multidimensional data using regression, principal component analysis and clustering algorithms with SAS

Computational Molecular Biology, UW, Winter 2004
- Implemented Viterbi algorithm and EM training on hidden Markov model applied to weighted directed acyclic graphs for genome and protein sequence analysis in C/C++

Data Structures & Algorithms, UW, Fall 2003
- Studied fundamental algorithms and data structures for implementation

Intrusion Detection Systems, Columbia, Fall 2009
- Built and analyzed user behavior models based on captured network packets using Nmap, Snort, tcpdump and R

Programming Language & Translators, Columbia, Spring 2009
- Designed a programming language for manipulating graphs and implemented the corresponding translator using Java and ANTLR in a team of 4

Operating Systems, Columbia, Fall 2008
- Modified Linux kernel about thread synchronization, process scheduling, memory management and file system using C and VMware in a team of 2

Artificial Intelligence, UW, Winter 2004
- Designed and implemented a E-mail spam classifier based on Bayes model using LISP in a team of 2

Computer Animation, Columbia, Spring 2009
- Implemented a 3D spring-mass system with elasticity and collision detection using C/C++, STL, PETSc, XML and Mathematica

Computer Vision, Columbia, Fall 2008
- Accomplished 4 projects about object recognition, edge extraction, photometric stereo and optical flow using C/C++

User Interface Design, Columbia, Fall 2008
- Created a paper prototype, a drawing system and a Twitter client using Java Swing and Flex in a team of 4

Computer Graphics, UW, Spring 2004
- Accomplished 4 projects about image processing, modeling, ray-tracing and animation using C/C++ and OpenGL


1. Real Time Visualization System of Network Dynamics, 2005-2009

Application preview: Open in New Window
- Yi Wang
, Luhua Lai, Qi Ouyang, "Visualization System of Biochemical Network Dynamics." Computers and applied chemistry, 26(4):385-389, 2009. (Main technology used: ActionScript)
- Work in State Key Laboratory of Molecular Dynamics and Stable Structure, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Peking University.

Flash Action Script Source Code

2. Modeling the Intracellular Dynamics for Vif-APO Mediated HIV-1 Virus Infection, 2006-2009
- Yi Wang, Luhua Lai, "Modeling the Intracellular Dynamics for Vif-APO Mediated HIV-1 Virus Infection." Chinese Science Bulletin, 2009. (In Press). (Main technology used: MATLAB)
Paper Manuscript: Open in New Window, PDF; Supplementary File: Open in New Window, PDF
Poster and Slides in From Structure to Systems Based Drug Discovery Symposium, Beijing, 8/2007: Open in New Window
Graduate work in Center for Theoretical Biology, Peking University.
Supervised by Prof. Luhua Lai (Chemistry) and Prof. Qi Ouyang (Physics).

MATLAB Source Code

3. A Mixed Model of Microsatellite Mutation and Optimization, 2003-2004

Poster:Open in New Window
Undergraduate research in Dr. Joseph Felsenstein's lab at Genome Department of University of Washington.
Supervised by Prof. Mary Kuhner, a scholar working in the frontier of population and evolutionary genetics.

C++ Source Code


1. Interactive Fighter Game, 2001-2004

Game demo: Open in New Window
Collaborated with Xiao Li, the cofounder of ASK Animation.

Flash Action Script Source Code

2. STAR (Spatial-Temporal Animation Reasoning) Games Development, 2005

Game demo: Open in New Window
Outsourcing projects for UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institue, CA

Flash Action Script Source Code

3. Prototypes of Interactive User Interface, 3-7/2006

Demo: Open in New Window
Work in UI group of Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA).
Collaboration with designers in MSRA, supervised by Min Wang.

C#, Flash Action Script Source Code,

4. Animator, Trace, Modeler and Impressionist Projects in CSE 457 Computer Graphics Course, UW, Spring 2004

Projects introduction: Open in New Window
Computer Science major course instructed by Prof. Brian Curless, in University of Washington.

OpenGL, C++, FLTK Demo

5. "Statistics of SARS in Chengdu" Geographic Information System, Summer 2003

Application introduction: Open in New Window
Undergraduate project in Sichuan University, supervised by Prof. Zongyong Zeng.

ESRI MapObjects, Visual Basic Source Code


1. Logo & website layout design for Center for Theoretical Biology (CTB), Peking University, 2006

A combination of letters 'c', 't' and 'b' implies the double-strand structure of DNA, as CTB is biology related.
Collaborated with Xiangwei Zhu.
CTB website : Open in New Window

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop Source File
Website layout of CTB, Source File

2. Design for AIESEC Mainland China.

Left icon: English letters in "AIESEC" combined in Chinese calligraphic style, collaborated with Xiao Li.
T-shirt, logo, posters: Open in New Window.
Weekly newsletter: Open in New Window,

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop Source File


1. Yi Wang's very old Personal Homepage (2006)

  Open in New Window

The entire site was hand written in HTML. The head icon on the left was created by Xiao Li.

4. Go

I am a play of Go. I learned its rules from my father when I was 4.