Interactive Fighter Game

I enjoy "Flash Action Script" Programming. This is a 'fighter' game by collaborating with Xiao Li, cofounder of ASK Animation.
Li Xiao made the graphis and I implemented the coding.
Since flash6 plug-in or above is needed, please download the exe-version if the "swf" version bellow doesn't work, or you can also play in new window.

player 1 player 2 action
W up up
S down down
A left left
D right right
H ; attack

back-front-attack, back-attack, down-front-attack will trigger some special power.

It supports people vs people, people vs CPU and CPU vs CPU at present.

A sequence of role NLY's action A sequence of one action of DLY (a character in the game above, by Xiao Li).

A window with three sections in it, three buttons below control how it slides.

The pair of each row will disappear, only when you click the two squares with no interval, i.e. not clicking any other square in the middle of clicking the two in one row. This is an implementation of mechanism for some kind of simple game.