Intern at Microsoft Research Asia

Several prototype I coded when I was a summer intern at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) (March-July, 2006). I implemented all coding, most graphics were done by other designers..

Draw Pad

Click 'Shared Space'->'New'->'Enter this space'.

1.Draw by click and drag.
2.Type directly to enter text.
3.Click the last button on the left of stage to insert picture.

Text and picture can be moved, rotated, resized and deleted.

Click an inserted picture, click the first button shown on is right to record it in scrapbook. Click the second button on the left of stage to trigger the scrapbook. Recorded picture can be inserted from scrpbook again.

This demo was designed for mobile device where simplicity of interaction is concerned.

Graphics were mainly done by Min Wang, Xiu Yang.

Flash Action Script Source Code

Blog Viewer

Click 'Login' and try to explore this mini interactive system.

Flowers can be clicked and dragged to the right upper icon to 'search'related articles.

Left upper icon can be clicked to return.

The size, color, number of leaves represent the article's length, emotion and number of comments respectively.

Timeline of blog history was shown as a big spiral.

Designed to demostrate some ideas of interactive view, searching of blog articles.

Graphics were done by Xiangwei Zhu.

Flash Action Script Source Code

Bubble Visualization of Ranked Data

Hover and drag the data panel.

Each bubble denotes a randomly generated set of data.

The height of bubble is sorted.

Graphics were done by Xiangwei Zhu.

Flash Action Script Source Code